The IEF seeks to protect and revitalise natural habitats and biodiversity on the land and in the sea

The Ionian Islands have largely become famous thanks to their natural beautiful sceneries and to the richness and diversity of the natural ecosystems found on them. Breath-taking landscapes, fertile land or rocky steep mountains, olive groves, smooth hills and high mountains, but also many rivers, lakes, lagoons, ponds and plenty of small streams form spectacular areas that host an amazing variety (often unknown and unaccounted for) of animals and other organisms.

Within the hotspot of biodiversity that the Mediterranean region is each of the Ionian Islands are a hotspot in itself and altogether as an archipelago. Each has been seen as a paradise on Earth and loved as such.

These landscapes, ecosystems and species that people have been so fortunate to in or close to have often been heavily burdened by human activities. Tourism and construction, although bringing in revenue and employment, have often come at a great cost for nature and people’s livelihoods. Even waste management has taken a toll on nature areas. There is growing understanding of the need to protect land, while at the same time pressures from various activities keep on growing. The time has become critical to work on protecting the essence of what has made the Ionian Islands prosperous.

We will be supporting initiatives and organisations to start or to improve protection of nature areas and biodiversity through research, field work, campaigns, communication projects and more.

Biodiversity and Landscapes Grants

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  • iSea Posidonia Mapping Corfu

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  • Supporting the campaign to ‘Save Erimitis’

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  • Survey: Investigating the larger mammals of Corfu’s waterways

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